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Improving financial wellness

We’re a digital employee benefits platform designed to enable self-driven financial learning, planning and management that supports better decision making, improved financial wellness and greater financial protection for employees and their whānau.

Workplace wellbeing

Low financial literacy and high financial stress of employees results in low productivity and high absenteeism


of full time employees didn’t realise their group life insurance wouldn’t be immediately available


of employers say money problems interfere with productivity


a month is lost due to sorting out personal finance worries


of employers report “financial illness” drives absenteeism


Driven by the increased demand for financial support and information from employers across Aotearoa, we decided it was time to help bridge the existing knowledge gaps. With our network of experienced and credible financial service professionals we developed a range of financial planning packages to meet the diverse needs of today’s business environments.

How we support you and your employees

Provide a digital & innovative platform

designed to improve financial literacy and support wellbeing

Easily added to existing employee benefit programmes

or can be used independently

Configurable on boarding process

to ensure all communication is tailored to your employees

Online self-managing platform

allowing employees to navigate & learn at their own pace, anywhere, anytime

Easy to understand learning material

through bite size informational videos and guides

Fit for purpose non advised financial solutions

provided by credible industry professionals

Continuously curated digital learning content

by us and our network of professionals

Opportunity for employees to upgrade their account

to include additional estate administration support


Benefits to employers

  • Improved financial literacy
  • Increased employee advocacy & loyalty
  • Reduced sick leave & absenteeism due to financial stress
  • Ideal for those working shift or in remote locations through digital
  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Competitive edge in the market
  • Easy on-boarding and continuation process

Benefits to employees

  • Improved financial literacy
  • Improved mental wellbeing
  • Decreased stress
  • Thousands of dollars saved just by having a Will
  • Access to professional expertise
  • Protection of their family with the support of a Will
  • Access to varied tools and resources around financial planning and wellbeing

See what other employers are saying about Footprint Connect!

“The education piece was crucial – when we dug deeper at the Learning Labs, people came to see clearly how this benefit will help their families in the unfortunate circumstance they are no longer here, and they could take what they learned home to discuss with their loved ones.”

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